God Bless America - sung by Kate Smith


This should put us all in mind of the Fourth of July - an important holiday in America: - from the 1942 movie "Yankee Doodle Dandy" about the life of songwriting and Broadway impresario George M. Cohan - Volunteer Robin Mitchell


Below is a link about NYC's "Drums Along the Hudson" festival, which honors Native American Culture as well as the cultures of others who live in NY. Lots of food, crafts and dancing - this year the festival is Sunday, June 14th in Inwood Park. Below is a link to a video of last year's festival - the dancing throughout the festival is amazing - Volunteer Robin Mitchell


A wonderful song - Fifty Nifty United States! Click on the link! How many states can you name? - from Volunteer Robin Mitchell [This video is rather well done considering the fact an eight year old prepared it - and that would explain a few spelling errors in some of the words. Can you find them too?]


Some American movies to enjoy - [from Volunteer Robin Mitchell].

The Wizard of Oz - Musical [Judy Garland sings "Over the Rainbow"]

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - Musical - Howard Keel, Jane Powell -

The Patriot - Drama - [Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger]

Lincoln - Drama - [Daniel Day-Lewis]

1776 - the Musical [F. Murray Abraham as Benjamin Franklin]

Pocahontas - Musical - Disney - [beautiful songs and cartoon animation]

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington - Drama - [James Stewart]

Ruggles of Red Gap - Comedy/Drama [Charles Laughton recites the Gettysburg Address]

The House I Live In - a film short [something shown before a movie] - [featuring a very young Frank Sinatra]

..and so many more


A website for students of the NYPL (New York Public Library) citizenship classes.

100 questions for the citizenship test, 100 answers and much more.

If you're interested in taking English classes at the New York Public library,

go to www.nypl.org/english for more information.

All new students must come to an information session first.

Only current English language students can take citizenship classes.

Our visit to the Library on 42 Street:

* we like this library because it's: big, organized, very nice, I feel - and it's free!
We liked the reading room with the computers, you feel like you are in your home, except that at your home it's less quiet :)
* We really liked Thomas's presentation of documents
*Exhibition: The soldier's diary with the bullet was interesting, and Lincoln's letter was so interesting
* We learnt a lot of new things (even if we can't remember all :)
* The Special Exhibition about Children's Books was very good.
* The big paintings were beautiful
* The big tree and the holiday decorations made us welcome
* The lions greeted us
* We want to move in! It's a special place.
* It was a really good experience.
* Next time, we'd like to go see the really old books and historic photos

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