Our visit to the Library on 42 Street:

* we like this library because it's: big, organized, very nice, I feel - and it's free!
We liked the reading room with the computers, you feel like you are in your home, except that at your home it's less quiet :)
* We really liked Thomas's presentation of documents
*Exhibition: The soldier's diary with the bullet was interesting, and Lincoln's letter was so interesting
* We learnt a lot of new things (even if we can't remember all :)
* The Special Exhibition about Children's Books was very good.
* The big paintings were beautiful
* The big tree and the holiday decorations made us welcome
* The lions greeted us
* We want to move in! It's a special place.
* It was a really good experience.
* Next time, we'd like to go see the really old books and historic photos

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If you're interested in taking English classes at the New York Public library,
go to www.nypl.org/english for more information.
All new students must come to an information session first.
Only current English language students can take citizenship classes.